POC Media has cleared more than 20,000 songs over the past 10 years, supporting the soundtracks of most of North America’s major broadcast sporting events.


The POC Media Music Supervision & Licensing System™ provides searchable access to:

  • Gratis Music, Free of Master, Sync, PRO, & Union Fees

  • Economical Music : New Major Label Priority Releases at Reduced Fees

  • Producer-Requested Music : Hit Singles at Reduced Fees


POC Media’s Proprietary LRE™ - License Record Editor provides unparalleled access to historical licensing data with respect to rights-holders, past fees, & tendencies.

POC Media provides a unique array of creative and licensing tools including:

  • Gratis Music (Free of Master, Sync, PRO, & Union Fees)

  • Custom Music (Free of Master, Sync, PRO, & Union Fees)

  • Artist Live Performance & Featured Integration into Programming

  • The Lowest Licensing Fees Available

  • The Most Trusted, Efficient, & Effective Music Clearance House in the Industry