Social Media Content is KING! Creative aesthetics feel good, but Meaningful Results with Revenue feel GREAT!

Our award-winning creative team is experienced in:

  • Web site development with powerful SEO presence

  • Multimedia production, leveraging the latest in video and animation,

  • Online delivery of your messaging, designed to generate a meaningful ROI

  • IT support from a talented team of coders and engineers

POC Media leverages all of these core competencies to drive effective SEO, creatively managing the 3 elements that are key to search:

  • The quality of the content on your web site,

  • The backlinks to web sites & blogs considered to have “high authority” in your

  • Ongoing adaptation to align with the ever-changing Webmaster Guidelines
    associated with Google’s algorithm

POC Media can help you optimize search, driving traffic to your site when potential customers are looking for the services that you provide. POC modifies the most important messaging with respect to SEO tech-responses & marketing copy, driving high engagement. We work with global associates to build links with “high domain authority.” These could be existing web sites or relevant blogs, and the links are often generated via access to massive talent pools, providing cost-effective landing pages for linkage.

Since more than 40% of all clicks on commercial queries are directed toward sites with paid advertisements; and since clicks on paid ads are 50% more likely to buy; access to Google Ads can dramatically increase your sources of traffic. POC Media excels in site optimization through targeted messaging, supported by the right backlinks with a well-thought-out Google promotional buy. The result is a predictable & measurable ROI, a highly-targeted reach, and immediate results as these ads appear within hours of placement. POC studies and delivers complete keyword searches, including cross-referencing of what your competitors are doing; modifying intentional ad copy that drives traffic and works within Google’s algorithm. Ongoing bid optimization allows us to manage costs and measurably increase performance, while analytics provide us with the data to monitor results and proactively adjust outreach.

In an era that demands a powerful online presence, coupled with direct web-based communication, and driven by creative & informative content; POC Media sets a new standard that is leading the economic wave of the future.