In an era when both international & domestic travel requirements must be balanced against health-risk and corporate-expense priorities, POC Media provides both Live & Virtual Conferencing Solutions to deliver your message to your audience, cost-effectively, clearly, and in a way that generates predictable, repeatable, and measurable results.


POC Media has produced several hundred successful Conferences, Conventions, & Branded Events over the past three decades.  Many of these events incorporate Live-Streaming, Large-Scale Video-Conferencing, and Web Casting of Multimedia, created & distributed by the POC Media Creative Team.

POC Media Leverages Years of Experience in Corporate Marketing, Technology Integration, and the Entertainment Industry to provide:
    • Cost-Effective Staging, Lighting, & Audio-Visual Production,
    • Targeted Messaging Delivered via Compelling Multimedia, both On-Site and via Web Casts as well as           Interactive Online Conferencing,
    • Customized Presenter Coaching & Production for Maximum Impact, and
    • Optimization of the Entire Conference Experience for both Attendees and Online Participants.
POC Media seamlessly handles all parameters . . . AV & Lighting Production, Break-Out Facilitation, General Session Show Flow & Awards Banquet Planning & Staging, Digital Content Delivery and Webcasting, Catering, Travel Coordination, Room-Block Management, Venue Branding, Décor, Exposition Sponsorship and Oversight, Electrical, Internet, Off-Site Events, In-Market Transportation, and Engineering Documentation & Code Enforcement Permitting.